Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Entry #1: This is all your fault

You guys just couldn't shut the fuck up, could you?

After five years of pouring countless hours into the masterpiece of interactive entertainment known as Final Fantasy XIII, after all the years of planning, designing, going to those stupid fucking board meetings with the stupid fucking executives designed only to suck the soul out of my masterpiece... after all of this it still wasn't good enough for you.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Now that masterpiece is sitting on retail shelves collecting dust across the globe while you guys bitch on the internet about how there weren't enough "towns".

Fuck your goddamn towns. Fuck them in the ass. Here's a pro-tip, asshole: if you step out of your mom's basement for five minutes there's most likely a town a few minutes down the road, or, if you live in a fucking city which you most likely do, there's one right outside. Am I going to fast for you!?

Now the boss Yoichi Wada has been on my ass about these complaints, even though they weren't my fault. Yeah, I know I'm the game director. And yeah, I know I went against people whose suggestions probably would've made the game a lot more well-received (such as the "fans"...LOL), but you guys should've liked it in the first place.

Now after spending 5 years getting my dick raw over FFXIII I have to dig everything back up and make FFXIII-2. I mean, don't get me wrong, nothing gives me greater pleasure than diving back into an orgy of attractive, young character models and tunnels, which I myself have created, but I worked so goddamn hard. And now I have to do it again.

Oh well, I guess this game could use my seed as much as any other. This time I will deliver a game that is not only a masterpiece comparable to FFXIII, but one that you common people can also appreciate.